Will One Puch Man Get Another Chance to Renew After Huge Success of Chapter 2

One punch man is a Japanese superhero webcomic created by the artist one in early 2009. Later adapted for anime series which acclaimed fans all over the world with its first season. Also, the second season disappointed the audience a little bit And now it’s about season 03.

One Puch Man Season 3 : Can We Expect Another Season?

We can expect season 03 because there are chances to create another story depending on the comics. But we shouldn’t expect them soon. We think season 03 can be released in 2021 or may be delayed.

If we observe the patterns, the first season was released in 2015 and second season in 2019. It seems it may be delayed. We should be prepared to accept any news from the creators.

One Puch Man Season 3 : What Will Be the Story??

Saitama is a superhero who can defeat anyone with a single punch. But he was bored of defeating opponents easily and searches for a strong opponent so that he can put a little effort unlike before.

His Journey Gave Us 2 Seasons and We Are Looking Forward to More of His Adventures. Let’s Wait Until the Date Releases. Meanwhile, If You Feel Like Missing the Adventures of Saitama, Just Rewatch the Series and Stay Cool!!

We Let You Know Further Details If They Are Released Officially.

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