We Know what are you all waiting for.. ‘Derry Girls Season 3’ is here

It’s going to happen again
We can go back to the times of teen
Derry Girls season 3 is coming!!!

‘Derry Girls’ was created and written by Lisa McGee. It was a British Sitcom. This is a Netflix show which has 2 seasons released. Liked by everyone who watched it. It deals with teen fantasies and feelings, especially about girls.

Every episode brought a sense of humour through characters. Reminds the High School life of an individual who’s watching.

Both the seasons reached high fame in every aspect, from the flow of the story to the performance of the actors.
We can’t get enough of those episodes. We need more. More episodes, More fun.
We want to see Erin and her friends again doing silly things.
So for people like us
They started planning for Season3
How excited you are about it
If you ask me I’ll give a 100 on a scale of 10.
We can expect more entertainment this season, also can learn more about Living a Life.

I know you people can’t wait to see yourselves on those characters.
Just wait for the release date but here’s the year it’s going to sound on the screen before 2020 ends.

What should we do until the show releases??

Well, I have an idea
Let’s imagine the story
How it works between Erin and James or James and Orla.
What happens with the loyalty of Clare
How’re Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah are doing
What happens with Granda Joe and Da Gerry
Did Joe is still the precious man. What goes on with his family in those typical periods of the 1990s
What’s the matter with all the relations in the story.

How the writer is going to alter the story or keeps it like previous ones.
And besides the story, would all the actors be the same or they’ll change.
Definitely, actors won’t change. We can see everyone again.
Where are all the teachers in the school??
Let’s wait for it. Coming soon.

People who haven’t watched Derry girls, it’s streaming on Netflix. Get it before season 3 comes out so you can also enjoy like many others.

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