Trial by Media Season 2 Be on Netflix Is There Any Release Date Final All You Need to Know

Trial by Media is the latest high binging shows on Netflix, released on 11 May 2020. A mini docuseries with 6 episodes. This series executive produced by George Clooney. Within days, the show was highly acclaimed and still counting positive reviews.

Know more about ‘Trial by Media’

What Is ‘Trial by Media’ on Netflix Is About? the Plot:

This docuseries is about how media acts in a trial, how it plays a role in changing perspectives of the public. Sometimes in the right way and sometimes totally favours either guilt or innocence. The series consists of 6 episodes each explaining different cases. It features various areas of law which include the famous Jenny Jones, the political fall story of Rod Blagojevich’s, Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times by New York police. Watch them by yourself, you may find something you don’t know. All the episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Is Netflix planning another season of ‘Trial by Media’?

Since the series just premiered days ago, the show is still receiving fame and we think the creators will take time to decide about season 02. There is a point in expecting another season because there are a lot more cases to be featured. A lot more than the world doesn’t know about and some cases which have another side story people never expect.

Neither George Clooney nor Netflix explained about the continuation of seasons. As of now, fans are posting questions about season 02 which may explore many other stories, maybe their posts push the creators to discover more and reveal to the public. As they didn’t announce any idea of season 02, we couldn’t confirm anything.

Release Date of Season 02:

If this series was renewed for season 02, we may get it sometime in 2021, we assume and it’s not totally true. We will let you know if the team revealed anything formally.
For now, watch all the 6 episodes and know the facts and hidden secrets in those cases.
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