Top 10 Light Hearted Shows in Netflix You Can Watch This Week During Quarantine

we know how hard it is to stay home without going anywhere. Because of quarantine everyone’s only chance to pass time is watching shows.
Most of us couldn’t find time to watch our favorite shows, and now we had enough of it. so, make it simple for you we shortlisted top 10 light-hearted shows available on Netflix.

  1. Good Girls:

American crime comedy-drama series by Jenna Bans. There are 3 seasons in total and 3rd season is ongoing. Originally airing on NBC channel. Also available on Netflix.
The story of three mothers Beth, Annie, and Ruby. This is not what you think, watch the struggles of those super mothers.

2. The Mind Explained:

It was one of the must-watch shows on Netflix. An impactful show in the present situations. Oscar award winner Emma Stone explains everything about what’s happening inside our brain, from our anxiety to other problems we face.
It’s very important to watch this and worth time.

3. Anne with an E:

It has three seasons, completed in 2019. when brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert decided to adopt a boy who could take care of their property. But Mathew comes with a girl instead of a boy, Marilla disagrees. Anne, the girl faces many bullies, troubles and finally impresses the brother and sister. watch her journey which is streaming on Netflix.

4. Outlander:

It’s an American historical drama extracted from novel series with the same name. This series surely takes your heart with it. Already 4 seasons released and 5th is ongoing. It follows the story of a combat nurse, Clarie Randall from 1945 who mysterious swept back to 1743. What are the troubles she’s gonna face, watch the whole series on Netflix.

5. Better Call Saul:

It deals with crime, black comedy, and tragedy. You will allow your brain involved in it unknowingly. It has 4 released seasons and an ongoing 5th season streaming on Netflix. This follows the story of Jimmy McGill, a con artist who aspires to be a lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2002.

6. Bojack Horseman:

It was an adult animated series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg.
There are 6 seasons with 77 episodes, all available on Netflix.
The story of a young bachelor horse trying to raise three human children who had been orphaned. The aspects of their life that include problems, happiness, and everything are developed in 6 seasons. Spend your time watching this awesome show.

7. Russian Doll:

It is one of the comedy-drama series in America. It is released in February 2019. It has one season with 8 episodes. It tells the story of a girl Nadia who dies repeatedly restarting the same moment in at the party.
It was an interesting movie which drives us mad.

8. The Great Britsh Baking Show:

If you are a food lover, go, watch it. It’s very entertaining and you will never feel bored of watching multiple delicious food recipes. Streaming on Netflix.

9. 72 cutest Animals:

The best show for animal lovers. It is about the life of 72 adorable animals on the earth. Streaming on Netflix with 12 episodes.

10. Next in Fashion:

It’s a reality and fashion design competition series debuted on Netflix in January 2020. It’s is the best show to watch, especially for someone who is a fashion freak.
Enjoy the week watching these shows!!

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