The Outpost Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Story and Updates

A fantasy roller-coaster drama ‘The Outpost’ is on the way for next season. Are you all excited for the show? I’m sure you are!!

This series firstly premiered on The CW in 2018 and completed 2 seasons. The last season has telecasted in The CW channel with 13 amazing episodes and left the viewers on a cliff hanger with the news of its renewal. The series has renewed for the third season in October 2019.

What’s the Story of the Outpost About?

‘The Outpost’ is a story of Talon, who is the only one who survived in her race called Blackbloods. Talon starts her journey to kill them who were the reason for the death of her family and mercenaries who destroyed her entire village. During her journey, she recognizes her hidden superpower which has no control. she should learn to control her powers and also should defend the world from some bad powers. she also encounters many hidden truths about her life and job. This is one of the classic fantasy shows which is acclaimed huge fan base and positive reviews with a good rating.

The next season also follows her adventures of saving the world. Like the previous seasons, this season also gonna drive all the viewers crazy and wins their hearts. Talon gonna teach viewers some life lessons and self-protection lessons like always. Be ready fans!!

The Outpost Season 03 Cast:

There may be changes in some of the Cast members but mostly we will see the characters from previous seasons and they were listed below

  1. Jessica Green as Talon
  2. Jake Stormoen as Captain Garret Spears
  3. Imogen Waterhouse as Lady Gwynn Calkussar
  4. Anand Desai-Barochia as Janzo
  5. Andrew Howard as Gate Marshal Cedric Wythers
  6. Robyn Malcolm as Elinor
  7. Kevin McNally as The Smith
  8. Aaron Fontaine as Tobin
  9. Glynis Barber as Gertrusha

And there may be other characters from last seasons and there are also chances of introducing new characters.

The Outpost Season 3 Release Date:

The team has confirmed its renewal officially, but there are no dates declared yet!!        Also, there are no new trailers released.

The team announced that the production of The Outpost season 03 is paused due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This says that the release of the show will be delayed.

We Will Update You the Further Details If Released Any.

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