The Last of Us Part 2: Release Date, Development and Here Is Plot of This Survival Game

The most anticipated game has been delayed once again.
The Last of Us part 2, which was initially set to release on 21 February 2020, but later delayed to 29 May 2020 And delayed again due to the crisis created by pandemic Coronavirus.

Naughty Dog announced about the delay on April 2. Fans prepared their minds to play the game in May and this is more like heartbreak for them. With no further details about the release date and all.

Naughty Dog Explained the Delay:

Sony and Naughty Dog are working to develop the game. Although the game has developed completely, they said they were working to give a finished look, the Naughty Dog look.

The director Neil Druckmanm apologized for the delay in a blog post. He added, due to the unmanageable situations created by the coronavirus pandemic, they were still trying to cope up and work.

Also, they prioritized the quality of game over the punctuality. So, it will probably take more time to come out.

The Story of ‘The Last of Us 2’:

It is the story of the events after five years of the first game. Ellie, 19 years old will return as the main protagonist whom players are assumed to control. Joel is seen in his mid-50s.

Naughty Dog trying to keep the story as secret suspense which should be explored while playing.

However, we can depict the outer lines of the story from trailers they released. There are many trailers released from 2016 to present revealing little storylines to the fans. Check them out on Youtube to experience more about the game.

The Last of Us 2: Gameplay

A trailer has released which explains a bit about the gameplay. Players can use weapons, firearms and stealth to defend themselves. Climbing, jumping and also can crawl to escape from hostile enemies. There is a ‘ listen mode’ which allows players to identify enemies by hearing. Guard dogs are introduced to track players by their scent.

Skills can be upgraded in a skill tree with three branches of upgrades Crafting upgrades: allows Ellie to craft smoke and stun bombs. Survival upgrades: improves health and ability to hear. Stealth upgrades: faster stealth skills, helps in unlocking pistol silencers.

The creators and developers are constantly striving to present the game in a way that no one could expect. We should be patient.

Pre-Orders Are Refunded:

All the online pre-orders if the game is being refunded automatically. So, people who pre-ordered the game can stop worrying. You didn’t have to contact them for the refund, it will be automatic and you will receive a mail regarding that. Offline pre-order details were yet be decided by the developers.

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