The Book of Longings a Novel by Sue Monk Kidd Release Date and Other Details You Should Know

Great News for All the Novel Lovers Over There!!!

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone restricted to their homes. Many of us Spend time watching movies, reading books, doing works which weren’t done before due to lack of time.

Employees are working from home. Not only employees but also people who had the possibility of work from home were also doing their best.

Besides, the most common task people like to spend time is reading.
It is the perfect time for all the book lovers to read everything they wanted. To their happiness, there is a novel going to be released.

The Book of Longings

The book of longings is named as the most anticipated book of 2020.
Written by ‘Sue Monk Kidd’, the best selling author of ‘The Invention of Wings’.

When the Novel Is Coming Out?

You can get the novel from the New York Times bestselling author, published by Penguin random house, Canada on 21 April 2020.

What’s the Story About?

This novel is Sue Mink Kidd’s fourth work of fiction, fans will expect a lot from this new one. It is historical and biographical fiction.

The plot is set in the first century about a woman who finds her voice and destiny.
Ana is more rebellious and ambitious, she has a brilliant mind and daring spirit. Unlike every other woman around her, she is different, she had reading and writing skills which woman of that era are not much aware of.

She got married at the age of 15 to a man who is older than Ana and he dies due to some reason. Later she meets eighteen-year-old Jesus. And from that moment everything in the story changes. Ana and Jesus get married.

They encounter many troubles at those times. To know what happened in their lives we must read the book.

The Book Of Longings is an inspiring and unforgettable piece of one woman’s bold struggle to realize the potential inside her. This novel is gonna change many readers mind for sure.

About the Author: Sun Monk Kidd

Sun Monk Kidd is best known for her novels The Secret Life of Bees and The Invention of Wings.
She is from Sylvester, Georgia born on 12 August 1948. Kidd is not only a Novelist but also a Memoirist.

Formats and Prices:

Hardcover around $19.69
Paperback around $19.89
Kindle around $5.3
Audible audiobook around $19.08
Audio CD around $42.95

You can find this novel in any online or offline store.

Due to pandemic coronavirus International shipping cannot be possible, so try to get ebooks from online stores.

Enjoy Reading Fellows!!

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