Steve Roger’s Costumes: Fans to Know That Concept Art Shows the Differences Between the Two Costumes in Captain America

Avenger fans will never be tired of searching for new hidden things.

So, Here Is Something You Will Like to Know About the Costume of Captain America

Captain America is the man who is like a sole pillar to Avengers.
Right from the day, he turned as a superhero till the end he stood on his morals and values.

He retired from his big duty of saving the world as an Avenger in the Endgame.
We saw him handing his shield to Falcon.

So, the further journey of Falcon and Bucky is arriving soon as a miniseries.

Concept Artwork Shows Difference Between Costume in Captain America Franchise:

In Captain America franchise we can observe slight variations in the films. And costume is one such difference.

Ryan Meinerding, marvel concept artist. He shares many of his works on Instagram. Recently he posted two pics of Captain side by side. He asked fans to identify the differences between them.
One side is the pic from Captain America: The First Avenger released in 2011 and the next side is from Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiered in 2014.

This is the picture Ryan posted on his Instagram.

We can spot the differences by glancing at them. The left side picture is from ‘CA: The First Avenger’ which is set in the 1940s, the design replicates its age. It looks like an old design when compared to the right one. The right side pic is from ‘CA: The Winter Soldier’ the costume gives 20s look. The old costume is heavier than the one from winter soldier.
Another thing to remember is, the costume in The Winter Soldier was taken from the Smithsonian exhibit by Steve.

We could observe red stripes and change in shade of blue color.
There should be a difference right? Because in the first movie Steve drowned,so his costume. The one from the exhibit is redesigned. So, they changed slightly.

However, they can be spotted easily when kept side by side.

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