Spiderman PS4: Here Is the 5 Rumors About the Seaqual

Spiderman is an action-adventure game based on Marvel comics developed by Insomniac Games. The first game spider man PS4 is released in 2018.

The sequel of the game is yet to be released in 2021. Here are some rumours about the game which we wish to be true.

1. Sequal of spider man PS4 features Venom.

Venom plays an important role in Marvel comics so why not in the game. The appearance of Venom in the game takes it to another level.
It will be more interesting right?? Everyone likes the game more than before.

2. New York in the winter

There are many shades if climate added in the game. Sunny, rainy, according to the place. We wish they will introduce a new look of New York in winter times. Just to make the view beautiful.

3. Wider maps

The maps in spider-man PS4 is a good one to locate places. Almost every place we wanna locate and go were very clearly given. We expect the maps to be more wider in PS5 so that players can explore more of New York as they are adding locations of Queens and Brooklyn.

4. Connection to other Marvel Games

Spiderman on PS 4 had a throwaway line where the webhead said that “avengers were doing something on the west coast”. There must be a chance to connect the games. The avengers in that game are present in San Francisco, ao there must be a crossover.

5. More Miles

Miles Morales is a playable character in parts of the game. It would be more interesting if we could swing around New York with Miles as spiderman. May be Peter and Miles were available to play in the game.

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