Sooraj Pancholi Shares a Message on Her Instagram Story Over Sushant Singh Rajput Death

Sooraj Pancholi is a Bollywood star who got recognized for his film ‘Hero’. He was blamed all over social media for not at least responding to the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Many Bollywood stars and fans of Sushant and almost everyone confessed their condolences through various social media platforms. People were shattered and broken by listening to the news of Sushant’s death and suicide is the reason there are no limits to grief and pain. While some are totally submerged in pain, some other fans and co-actors of Sushant who know what is happening in Bollywood are blaming, calling out all the stars who are the nepotism kings and queens ruling over Bollywood.

Kriti Sanon, Kangana Ranaut, Shekar Kapur, Vivek Oberoi and many others posted their memories and how wrote how painful they felt. While reading their words and looking at his pictures, I couldn’t help myself to stop tears from my eyes. Sushant is such an energetic actor and we lost to a silly game called nepotism by big stars.

Sooraj Pancholi Posted a Picture of Him and Sushant:

If we blamed Sooraj for not posting anything or for not confessing anything. It’s not good. Because he posted a picture of both of them and wrote GoneTooSoonBrother with a hashtag. That is all he did.

And if you remember the past incidents when Jiah Khan died by suicide and it was Sooraj Pancholi who was accused of abetting her to suicide. And later sources revealed that with the support of Salman Kahn, he was taken away from the case.

Jiah Khan’s mother couldn’t do anything but leaving her dead daughter to suffer alone in heaven for not doing justice to her. After Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabina Amin took to twitter to speak about Sushant’s demise, she directly knocked on Bollywood and asked them to wake up from their nepotism state. Her words kinda felt like she is asking ‘how many beautiful lives are you Bollywood star people going to take away?. Please stop it at least now’.

Sooraj Pancholi Reaction to People Who Are Texting Him:

Sooraj Pancholi getting texts which are hurtful, which are very bad to read. Maybe fans are putting all the pain on social media accounts of golden spoon stars. Anyway, after bearing all the texts, he couldn’t resist himself without reacting. So he put a status today expressing his grief.

Who knows how much pure and true it is. However, what he said in the status is in the picture below.

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