So Sad That Will Smith ‘Gave His Blessing’ for Wife Jada Pinkett Smith as She Has Affair With Singer August Alsina

Well, we all know about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. We know them both as a couple and popular actors in Hollywood. And it is so sad that their long relationship came to an end as Jada Pinkett is having an affair with August Alsina, a singer.

Jada Pinkett met August Alsina through her son Jaden Smith in 2015. Maybe that is when it all started. There are many rumors about their relationship which have no proper evidence to conclude.

But when August Alsina declared that he met Will Smith and actually had a conversation about his relationship with Pinkett. And the decision of Will made us all like ‘What?’
Will Smith gave his blessing to have a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

So Sad That Will Smith 'Gave His Blessing' for Wife Jada Pinkett Smith as She Has Affair With Singer August Alsina

In an interview with the breakfast club’s Angela Yee, August accepted his relation with Pinkett and he sat with Will to discuss the transformation from their marriage to a life partnership. And admitted that will gave his blessing.

Will Smith(51) married Jada Pinkett(48) in 1997. They together have 2 children Jaden Smith(21) and Willow Smith(19).

The pair always set their rules. Like they can do anything they want as far as they thought it was bad to them. It was an open relationship, rumors say. Though they were rejected by the actors, they were appeared to be true depending on their behavior. August Alsina(28) said he was in deeply and really in love with this woman called Jada Smith.
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith aren’t divorced yet but they no longer mentioned as a married couple.

They are finding complications in their relationship, so it seems they separated ways.

And coming to August Alsina, though he and Jada Pinkett are denying some rumors, there were enough proofs for their relationship. In a new album of August Alsina released in 2019, there was a scene when he gets a text from Koren, which is the middle name of Jada Pinkett. Also, he admitted his love for her and about a blessing from her husband. So, their relationship is real and soon becomes official we think.

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