SNL Return With Tom Banks as a Host for the at Home Episode What Happen Next

What is SNL?

Only nerds ask this type of questions. Anyway, here you go..

SNL- Saturday Night Show is an American late-night live television comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels. This is first premiered on NBC in the year 1975. The most popular show in America. It has a total of 45 seasons.

SNL, At-Home episode:

In the 45 seasons history of SNL, this is the first time, the group of SNL decided to make a remote live episode from homes. without a setting, makeup, lights, all the cast members, musicians together at the same place.


Due to social distancing, the show was in its break. But not for too long, they made an episode from home with Tom Hanks as host and all other cast members connected through a Zoom video call.

Last Saturday, they made a new episode in the name of SNL At-Home. The host and the cast members turned on in Zoom. This is the first episode after the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Hank hosted the show after coronavirus and all of them are reunited remotely.
They tried to make it as a normal episode but at some point, we can mark the difference right!?

Tom Hanks appeared and “it’s good to be here,” he said and added, “but it is also very weird to be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ from home”.

Hanks called him “the celebrity Canary in the coal mine for coronavirus”.

He did that so because he recovered from coronavirus while working on a film in Australia.
Many celebrities were on live from zoom including McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Bernie Sanders, Ginsburg, Coe.

They discussed the effects of coronavirus, how it changed their lives. How Trump took it easy until it became a pandemic. Also about the people, who were going through this virus and people who are frightening day by day.

They also remembered people who died because of this virus. Che memorialized his grandmother, who died from coronavirus and the show memorialized SNL music producer Hal Willner, who died due to the virus.

They spoke of how badly they are missing them.

Watch the SNL Show on YouTube, Nbc, or Hulu, Fubo TV.

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