Sidharth Shukla Speaks for Indian Army

Siddarth Shukla is an actor and mostly he’s known as Big Boss 13 winner. He recently took twitter to express his thoughts on the Indian Army.

As we all know apart from coronavirus India is also battling with Chinese troops who are attacking us at the borders of Ladakh’s Galway Valley. And no one knows how far this war gonna go. Whatever happens, we are always with our country, with our army.
Recently bitter death news of an Indian army officer and two soldiers shook everyone.
Everyone tweeted, posted, they did whatever they can to honor our brave warriors.
Siddarth Shukla is one of them. He tweeted

“For all that’s happening at the #GalwanValley…Indian Army just wants you to know we are with you and we have complete faith in you…your supreme sacrifice will not be in vain”.

This tweet from Siddarth explains his gratitude toward our army. He just wanna rise their spirits a bit while fighting and risking their own lives for the sake of us, we have to do give something in return and what can satisfy one more than expressing our feelings and gratitude. That is what Siddarth did. He took his step by tweeting that we all are here to support and believe in them no matter what happens.

He also said, their supreme sacrifice will not be in vain. This line’s enough for one to think about the right things they have to do. A normal individual also had a responsibility to bring meaning to the sacrifice of every soldier.

Siddarth Shukla, after winning a big boss has acclaimed more fans than before. So it’s his duty to post the right things on social media which influences all of his followers. He is actually doing exactly the same and due to lockdown, he’s having free time to post often. He posted his pictures on Instagram with some lines that will reflect his nature and inspire people in some way.

And now, by tweeting about the soldiers he also proved himself as a responsible Indian. Doing something is better than doing nothing right?

He did something…and he may do many things in the future, let’s hope for the best and encourage people who are showing gratitude.

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