Shirley 2 Sequel and Is There Any Final Release Date Confirmed Yet?

‘Shirley’ is a new film released in 2020. The audience increased for this film when it was made available online. It was premiered on 25 January 2020 at Sundance and then recently released on Neon on 5th of June.

It is originally adapted from a novel of the same name written by Susan Scarf Merrell.

What Is the Story About?

The story follows a novelist named Shirley. A couple happens to live in the house of Shirley, the story of them inspires Shirley to write a novel at the end. As the couple faces many problems psychologically. The story turns out to be horror and thriller. The film was highly praised by the viewers so as the novel by the readers. Credit goes to Sarah Gubbins, with her screenplay the film appeared amazing and director Josephine Decker as well.

The Cast of Shirley:

  • Elisabeth Moss as Shirley Jackson
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Stanley Edgar Hyman
  • Odessa Young as Rose Nemser/Paula
  • Logan Lerman as Fred Nemser
  • Victoria Pedretti as Katherine
  • Orlagh Cassidy as Caroline
  • Robert Wuhl as Randy Fisher

Is Any News About Shirley Sequel? Shirley 2?

Well, this is what most of the Shirley Jackson fans are waiting for. But guys, as we said this is a film which was adapted from the novel and that novel has no sequels. So we think there may be no Shirley 2. As you know how the story ended with no flaws or voids to be explained in another part. All the ways were closed in perfectly in ‘Shirley’.

Also, you know there may be possibilities, like the director or writer or anyone are interested in planning a sequel we could get one. But you also know that becomes difficult for a film that is adapted from the novel. We will just miss the vibes if it’s not from the novel.

So we couldn’t say ‘no’ directly and couldn’t disappoint you. But we say, we also wish for Shirley 2.

Shirley 2 Release Date:

As far we didn’t get the details about the confirmation of a sequel, we won’t also get a release date. So let’s wish and wait for it.

If there are any announcements regarding the Sequel, we will notify you. Keep in touch guys.

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