Seven deadly sin season 4 spoilers, Plot, and is there any trailer and release date out?

The seven deadly sins is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki.
Later adapted for Anime series. The first season was released in 2014 and continuing still.
Recently in 2019, 4th Season was premiered in Japan.

When is Season 04 coming on Netflix?

It is released in Japan already in October 2019.
English dubbed with English subtitles version was yet to release on Netflix.
There is no official announcement about the release dates, it’s delaying due to the shutdown of production due to outbreak of Coronavirus all over the world.

 Trailer of Seven deadly sin season 4
There is a trailer out there in the Japanese language but not in English.
We have to wait for them.

The plot of Seven deadly sin season 4:

Season four is named as ‘The seven deadly sins: Warth of the Gods’.

It is going to reveal many hidden secrets and going to be a big adventure.
Meliodas and other members were completely trained and they face the ten Commandments.
Elizabeth finds the truth about her past.
Merlin’s past secrets come out and there will be a twist about the Escanors power.

The holy knights did manage by a demon named Fraudrin. As sins fight against them, that adventure unravels many secrets increasing our interest levels.

Seven deadly sin season 4 Voice cast:
The voices behind the English version are given below:
Meliodas – Papenbrook
Elizabeth Liones – Harlacher
Hawk – Christina Vee
Diane – Erica Mendez
Ban – Benjamin Diskin
king – Max Mittelman
Gowther – Erik Kimerer
Guila – Carrie Keranen and
many more voices behind other characters.

That’s all about season 4, let’s wait for the release of the English dubbed version on Netflix.

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