The fans of this franchise are highly awaiting for the makers to announce Save Me Season 3 after the success of the previous seasons. But are we actually getting another season?

Save Me Season 3: Are We Getting Another Season?

Save Me Season 3

The maker of the series Lennie James has recently opened up about the renewal of the series. In a recent interview, he said that he wants to make Save Me Season 3. Because there is a lot more to convey through this series.

But with that, he has also added that lots of things have to be figured out before renewing the series. James has said that we will definitely get Save Me Season 3 but it might take a little longer. Because they have to sit and think of fresh storyline to continue the series.

Save Me Season 3

So one thing is for sure that we will get Save Me Season 3 but we don’t know when. If sources are to be believed then the makers are already working on the scripts and might start the production by early 2021. So let us wait for the makers to come up with a final announcement.

Save Me Season 3: What To Expect?

The first season of this thriller series was released in 2017 and the second season was dropped in May 2020. So the plot revolves around Nelson Nelly Rowe whose daughter suddenly disappears. And the series is all about his struggles in finding his daughter Jody.

In the previous season, we saw that Nelly has landed himself in big trouble while saving a girl named Gracy from some goons. He also discovers a child trafficking racket and doubts that Jody might have become a victim to this racket. So Save Me Season 3 will probably have Nelly go deeper into the new criminal racket he has encountered with.

Save Me Season 3

In Save Me Season 3, we can also expect Nelly to actually get the trace of his daughter. And maybe he might get united with his daughter as well. Although the makers have not revealed anything about the plot but have hinted that we will get to see more of Nelly’s struggle to find Jordy.

Apart from that in Save Me Season 3, we can expect to get a clearer view of Nelly’s past and his relationship with his daughter Jody when she was with him. Thus the upcoming season will bring in a lot of revelations and many dark secrets about Nelly and mysterious disappearance of Jody might be unveiled.

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