Roy Horn Net Worth All We Know so Far About Him

Roy Horn, a famous magician of Las Vegas died on 8 May 2020. He was tested positive for COVID-19 several days before his death. We will forever miss a great magician of all the time. Here is everything you wanted to know about him.

Roy Horn, How is famous?

He is well known as one half of ‘Siegfried & Roy’, a lively animal and magical show in Las Vegas. They were popular in Europe. Their acts were minded thrilling and awe the audiences with their lions, tigers, and leopards.

In 2003, while performing at The Mirage, Roy was attacked by his own tiger on stage in front of everyone. He was injured and paralyzed badly. But he revealed truth when he completely recovered. The truth he said is, the tiger actually tried to help him, the tiger sensed his stroke and dragged offstage to help him.

Roy Horn’s Career at Siegfried and Roy Magic:

In 1967, they started debut show in Las Vegas after performing in clubs and casinos in Europe. In 1981 they landed at New Frontier Hotel and Casino. Later after years, they settled at ‘The Mirage’.

After Retirement:

They didn’t stop their career after retirement. They opened a wildlife sanctuary, a secret garden, and a dolphin habitat. They arranged all this in their own 100-acre property. Roy loves spending time with animals, that interest and love made him do these things.

Roy Birth and Personal Details:

Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn born on 3 October 1944 in Nordenham, Germany. His father was an Orchestra leader who went to fight world war 2. After world war 2, his parents got divorced. Roy’s mother was remarried to a construction worker. Roy used to live with his mother for some time and after all starting his career, his way differed as career demands. He is 75 years old when he died.

Net Worth of Roy Horn 2020:

By considering all Seigfried & Roy’s earnings, the estimated net worth is around $120 Million. They run their shows for three decades, the figure mentioned is calculated by considering all the income on their shows.

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