Reality Z Season 2 Cast, Release Date and Expected Plot

‘Reality Z’ which aired on 10 June 2020 on Netflix is a success and viewers are totally terrified and entertained at the same time watching these episodes. Total of 10 episodes was released. And people who already binge-watched all episodes are now searching everywhere about the details of its continuation and renewal.
Well, that is exactly why we are here, to give you details and hope. So guys, continue reading.

Renewal Status:

Only days passed and views, reviews, ratings are just starting to increase day by day. It’s too early to renew another season for Netflix. So we have to wait for at least a month to know news about the renewal and future details.

Season 02, Release Date:

The horror web series is not yet renewed for next season and that says we didn’t have a release date. But we expect Season 02 may be planned to release in 2021 if it’s renewed in a month or two. Anyhow, we will notify you if the team said anything formally.

What Happens in Season 02? the Plot:

Assuming the story of season 02 is a difficult thing. However, the story will continue from where they ended in season 01 if renewed. Nothing else can be explained about the future of Zombie apocalypse in Rio de Janeiro.
We watched a lot in the past 10 episodes and there are many chances to continue the story. So, we have to wait until the team decides. something.

Who Will Be in the Cast?

Probably the previous cast will return as the story explains life about the same characters.
So the expected list of Cast is below:

  • Ana Hartmann as Nina
  • Emílio de Mello as Alberto Levi
  • Carla Ribas as Ana Schmidt
  • Ravel Andrade as Leo Schmidt
  • Guilherme Weber as Brand
  • Luellem de Castro as Teresa
  • João Pedro Zappa as TK
  • Hanna Romanazzi as Jessica
  • Jesus Luz as Lucas
  • Pierre Baitelli as Robson
  • Leandro Daniel as Augusto
  • Gabriel Canella as Marcos
  • Natália Rosa as Veronica
  • Wallie Ruy as Madonna
  • Arlinda Di Baio as Cleide
  • Julia Ianina as Cristina

Come back in the future to know more about the upcoming details about the series. We will update according to the official announcements.

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