Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Expected Plot

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, one of the best franchises running by Disney pictures. Rumors are flowing among the fans about its 6th film, which still has no proper confirmations. We brought some information which might be useful for you.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: When Is It Going to Be Released?

Well, as for now the Disney Pictures haven’t declared any release dates and the 6th film details are still in discussions. Nothing formally announced yet. we should wait for it. And we got you something you are waiting for, about the film, it is a soft reboot of the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Any Trailers?

As the whole thing about Pirates of Caribbean 6 is still under planning, we didn’t get any trailers yet. As it was confirmed that the upcoming movie is a reboot, there are some unofficial, fan-created trailers available on youtube.

If you are interested, you can check them.

But, if you are looking for official Disney released trailer, you should wait until they revealed.

What Could Be the Story of Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

well, as it is a reboot, they can take the story from previous films. They were still working on the story it seems. Disney took Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to write the script for the rebooted film, but they left that work in 2019. Later Ted Elliot and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin took that place. People are waiting for this film excitingly as the combo of directors may give amazing work.

Can We See Jhonny Depp in the New Film?

As we said Disney planning a reboot, which means showing the same story and characters with new faces and with some fresh changes. So, it is a clear no. Jhonny Depp couldn’t be back. A reboot looks like a reboot only when they succeed showing the same concept freshly. So, Disney canceled the agreement with Jhonny Depp. Also, they were searching for a female lead role and selected Karen Gillan.

We must wait for complete details about the film. when the details released we will inform you.



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