Perfect Tunes a Novel Written by Emily Gould Premiere Date, Publishing Plot and Other Author Details

‘Perfect tunes’ is a perfect novel to spend in quarantine. These quarantine days made our lives miserable at the same time they gave us time to spend on ourself. So, just stop worrying to sit at homes and start thinking ways to make these days useful. This quarantine time is the best time to read novels, agree??

And there are some novels set to publish in this month. ‘Perfect tunes’ is one of them.

Things you should know about PerfectTunes


Emily Gould, a 38-year-old American author, novelist and blogger. Know for her works ‘Friendship’ and ‘And The heart says Whatever’.
Her writings were highly appreciable and influence the one reads them.

Release date:

‘Perfect tunes’ was published by Simon and Schuster on April 14, 2020.

This book is out there, go check it and start spending some rhythmical time.


It is considered as Youth fiction. It tells about music, friendship, family, motherhood, a story of loss and also a story of recreating.


The story is about a girl Laura who aspired to be a singer and songwriter. When she was 22 years old she moved out from Ohio to achieve her dreams. She lived in East Village with Callie, her friend who also wanted to be a musician. But Laura failed in being a girl of her dreams. In the East village Laura fell in love with Dylan, he was a musician and also a drug addict. They together involved in drugging.

Her life totally changed when Dylan died due to drugs.
Laura and Callie were invited to join in the music band of Dylan’s. But Laura rejected and left to Brooklyn. She did that so because she was pregnant with Dylan’s child.

That was just a little part of the story. The actual change comes when her daughter asked about her father. Laura’s daughter finds the truth and decides to help her mother live in her dreams.
To know this complete beautiful journey of Laura to reach her dreams, you must read the book totally.

Formats and prices of the book:

Hardcover is around $17.79, audio:- $20.00
Kindle $9.99 and you can also get it free from Audible free trial.

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