‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Is the Sequel Coming? What Are the Updates? Check Out

‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’, a popular and one in top 10 films of Hollywood in 2019. It is based on comedy and drama. Quentin Tarantino is the writer as well as director of this show. Is there any chance of its sequel ?? What is the director  Quentin Tarantino explaining about it? When can we expect a sequel to this amazing film?

Fans, We Can’t Just Avoid Their Questions or Them. So We Are Here With Some Answers We Found.

About ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ :

Quentin Tarantino, a famous director who always want to do something classic in his way and he did this film. It was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and released in 2019 at different times in different places but appreciated highly all over the world. Almost a three-hour-long film which was set in 1969s.

What Is the Story About?

The story follows Rick Dalton, an actor and star of the 1950s western television series. Dalton and his stunt double encounter the changing film industry and it showcases different stories in a modern fairy tale tribute to final moments of Hollywood’s golden age. The film has received many awards of 2019. Considered as a must-watch movie.

Popular Cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton
  • Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth
  • Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate
  • Emile Hirsch as Jay Sebring
  • Margaret Qualley as “Pussycat”
  • Timothy Olyphant as James Stacy
  • Julia Butters as Trudi Fraser
  • Austin Butler as “Tex”
  • Dakota Fanning as “Squeaky”
  • Bruce Dern as George Spahn
  • Mike Moh as Bruce Lee
  • Luke Perry as Wayne Maunder
  • Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen
  • Al Pacino as Marvin Schwarz
  • Nicholas Hammond as Sam Wanamaker
  • Samantha Robinson as Abigail Folger
  • Rafał Zawierucha as Roman Polanski
  • Lorenza Izzo as Francesca Capucci
  • Costa Ronin as Wojciech Frykowski
  • Damon Herriman as Charlie
  • Lena Dunham as “Gypsy”
  • Madison Beaty as “Katie”
  • Mikey Madison as “Sadie”
  • James Landry Hébert as “Clem”
  • Maya Hawke as “Flowerchild”
  • Victoria Pedretti as Lulu
  • And many others.

Now Coming to the Point, the Sequel. Is There Any Sequel?

What Is Director Saying About It?

It would be the greatest news for fans if there is a sequel. But, till now there is nothing explained about the sequel.

Quentin Tarantino said he wanted to wrap up with 10 films and Once upon a time in Hollywood is 9th one. We will get another film from him and it is uncertain. Is he planning a sequel or searching for another story, well, no answer. However, it is not confirmed, we will inform you when the team declared.

Sequel film or Series?

It is clarified by Brad Pitt that the team has ideas for making a sequel. But what would it be? a film or series is the question. There are some rumors that they are planing for series to release on Netflix. Anyhow, nothing is official yet.

So let’s wait and watch. Keep in touch.we will get you updated.

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