Complete Step by Step Australian Visa Process

No doubt, foreign qualification adds a great value to your resume. Also, study in abroad is really a life changing experience for every student. There is an opportunity to embrace new culture, start earning to afford your expenses, try different food and above all grow up in a professionally challenging environment.

Many Pakistani students go for foreign studies every year. There are different countries to go for your abroad qualification. But let us guide you that why and how “study in Australia” can be the best option for you.

Study in Australia | Complete Step by Step Australian Visa Process

Australia is the country that can make your abroad experience worth visiting. The country offers huge globalized learning experience to all of the international students. Australia has a multi-culture society, exceptional higher education standards, renowned universities, and easy part time work permit opportunity. Not only this, the best part is its easy visa and admission process. That’s the reason, Australia has become top choice of students from across the world. Now enough about how study in Australia is good option. You must be thinking how to apply for Australian visa? Let us provide you with all details on studying in Australia in this blog.

Admissions in Australian Universities 2020 for Pakistani Students

Universities in Australia offer merit based system to the students for admissions. Any student applying for higher education in Australian universities must have attained 60% marks in every subject. There is high competition in Australian universities as various students apply to study in Australia form across the globe.

Any candidate with the best grades is clearly the first priority for university selectors. Obviously, student’s chances of getting the admission in Australia primarily depend on his/her grades. Whereas, the admissions requirements might differ from university to university or you can say also from program to program. If any student meets admission eligibility criteria of the applied Australian university, then he/she will get a clear acceptance letter.

Fundamental Requirements for the Admissions in Australian Universities

The applicants applying from nations where English is certainly not a local language need to clear English Proficiency Assessment (IELTS, TOEFL) with above average e scores, Bank articulation (AUS $20,290 must be in your bank account for 1-year of your degree program). Other requirements include:

  • Clearance letter from police
  • Recommendation letters
  • Transcripts of academic certificates and paid admission fee (in which $100 not refundable).

The global students need to keep in mind that while choosing a degree/course in Australian University, the institute must be registered under the “Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS).”

Only those applicants will be later given the “Australian Student Visa” that is enrolled in the study program which has been accepted/approved by the “Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS).”

Australia Student Visa for Pakistani Students 

Once the applicant receives an acceptance letter from the applied university for admission. then the application process of Australian Student Visa will start. The applicant will get all required the details from the online website of “Australian Department of Home Affairs.” Or he/she can visit also “Consulate or Embassy of Australia” located close to his/her location.

List of Requirements for the Pakistani Citizens Applied for Australian Student Visa

Here is the complete process of getting “Australian Student Visa” step by step:

  1. The candidate will meet the “Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)” requirements
  2. Get the acceptance letter from the university he/she has applied in
  3. Financial Requirement
  4. Accommodation Arrangement
  5. Health Checkup
  6. Pass and share the Language Proficiency Test Certificate
  7. Clearance letter from local Police Station
  8. Pay the Tuition fee
  9. Also pay Visa Application Form
  10. Health Insurance Coverage

Usually, the Australian Visa process takes 4 to 5 weeks.

Part Time Working Permit in Australia for the International Students 

The holders of Australian student’s visa for long-term programs are permitted to work 20 hours per week. No extra living arrangement license or work grant is required. The Australia student visa fills in as work license and presents them the fundamental employment rights which include:

  1. Minimum wage right (any employee in Australia has right to be paid minimum per hour wage of $20)
  2. Sick leaves, permission to rest and taking breaks during working hours and protection against unlawful and uninformed dismal from job.

Part Time Job Opportunities in Australia

Australia has various part time and full time working opportunities for the university students. Because of rules of the lowest pay permitted by law and skilled based salary set by Government of Australia, the students are properly paid as per their skills. You can part-time employments, for example:

  1. Retail Jobs
  2. Administrative Jobs
  3. Attendants or Waiters
  4. Tourist Guides
  5. Receptionists
  6. Cashiers
  7. Accountants
  8. Data Entry Officer
  9. Fundraiser and Crew Members in Food Chains, in Event Management Companies & so on.

Post-Graduation Visa & Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Australia is enormously soft and helpful towards the international students. After getting a post-graduation degree, the students can extend their visa for 2 – 4 years on the basis of their qualification.

During this duration, the applicants can go for internship or even traineeship opportunities at any Australian company/firm to gain some professional experience that is related to their major degree or specialization.

There are two types of “temporary residency visas” that are programmed by the Australian Government and include:

  1. Temporary Graduate Visa
  2. Skilled-Recognized Graduate

After getting the required training & professional experience, students can apply for the permanent residency visa that is based on their skills & occupation. The “Permanent Residency Visas” are divided into many categories and hence applied through “Skill Select Immigration Program.” Each “permanent residency visa” is actually designed to adjust the professionals of various occupations and also qualified workers.

We expect that this detailed blog on “study in Australia” will help you in understanding the entire visa process. We have tried to cover up almost every single detail. But still, if we are left with something, then do drop us your queries in the comment section.

Whereas, for more documents related queries you can visit the official website of Australian Embassy here: Australian Embassy

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