‘Next Door’ What Is It? Why the Need for Neighbors Connection Is Growing During COVID 19

Next door is an app used for neighborhood social networking. It’s been 12 years since the app launched, and now it’s using widely because of quarantine.

About the App:

This app has created and launched in the year 2008, can be available in 11 countries. You can download it in IOS, android or web.

Purpose and How to Use It:

Users of next door should update their profile in the app including their real names and addresses.

It connects people from nearby neighborhoods, so people can post anything like news, events which happen in their surroundings.

This helps other users in the app to know about what’s happening in there.
People can speak to each other, ask about things, can able to take recommendations from different neighbors.

For example, John is an old man who was new to the street. He doesn’t know the address of nearby malls, stores anything.

Then he posted a query in next door app asking whereabouts of them. Some people in the app replied explaining various stalls and stores nearby. He doesn’t know who they were, they don’t know who he was, all they could know is what has entered in his profile.

Thus, people in the same neighborhood can stay connected through this app.

What Are the Updates of This App and How It Is Useful in This Typical Quarantine Period ??

This app had updated recently by introducing two new features, Help maps and Groups, to give better support to the users during the Coronavirus outbreak.
In the help maps feature, you can able to list the services you’re willing to provide.
So that other neighbors who are in need can reach you.

Why the Need for Neighbor Connection Is Growing During the Coronavirus Era??

This feature is indeed very helpful in present situations. As people are quarantined due to coronavirus, they can’t come out for daily groceries and all other needs. So by using this app, they can take the help of others who are willing to bring them what they need.
This is how Helpmaps serving And another next door feature is Groups

Which allows communities to organize around topics. Neighbors can organize their specific neighborhood or with others or city-wide basis. They are allowed to share news about anything happening, about COVID-19 topics. Also, ways for parents to help kids stay connected to schools and different hobbies that can be done at home.

This is how the next door app serving, before the Coronavirus outbreak, it was just like other apps which are used rarely. But after, it became very useful to people as they stuck at home and had no other chance.

Nextdoor App, ‘A Hub of Anxiety’ :

The company said user engagement had grown by 80% in the last few weeks. This says how people were desperate to get help from neighbors in times like this.

On the other hand, this app is creating a mess around the people by spreading much fake news. Some of the users are spreading misinformation about the COVID-19, which is creating nothing but fear in co-users.

Cnn Also Called the App a Hub of Anxiety.

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