Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Major Updates

‘Megalo Box’ season 02 is happening and here is every detail regarding its future.

A Mini Intro to ‘Megalo Box’:

It is a 2018 animation series which were released its first season on 6 April 2018 in Japan and on 8 December 2018, they released English dubbed version. The series was written by Katsuhiko Manabe, Kensaku Kojima and directed by Yo Moriyama. Originally aired on Crunchyroll and Toonami. It was produced by TMS entertainment and 3xcube. The first season itself has good reviews and made fans to wait for its second season.
Now we got details confirming its second season.

‘Megalo Box’ What Is It About? What Happens in Season 02?

It is set in Japan in a fictional timeline where licensed people lives in the city and unlicensed citizens live in a slum outside. There a game called ‘Megalo Boxer’ is popular, where boxers fight wearing metallic frames and mechanical limbs to strengthen their power and speed. Those limbs are called as gears. Here comes a powerful boxer Junk Dog, who is never recognised by his own master. Anyhow he manages to take chance as a professional. And it is all about those fights of Junk Dog in season 01. According to the statement by the writers of the story, season 02 will likely take place after several years of incidents in season 01. So, guys just wait for this breathtaking boxing anime series.

Who are Voices of your favourite characters? The Voice Cast:

  1. Joe/Junk DogVoiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)/ Kaiji Tang (English)
  2. Gansaku NanbuVoiced by Shirō Saitō(Japanese)/Jason Marnocha (English)
  3. SachioVoiced by: Michiyo Murase (Japanese)/Erica Mendez (English)
  4. YūriVoiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese)/ Lex Lang(English)
  5. Yukiko ShiratoVoiced by Nanako Mori (Japanese)/ Erika Harlacher (English)
  6. FujimakiVoiced by: Hiroyuki Kinoshita (Japanese)/Jamieson Price (English)
  7. Tatsumi Leonard AragakiVoiced by Makoto Tamura(Japanese)/Greg Chun (English)
  8. MiyagiVoiced by Yōhei Tadano[6] (Japanese)/ Jake Eberle (English)
  9. Mikio ShiratoVoiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese)/Robbie Daymond (English)

Release Date:

There is no particular date announced yet. We assume it will air sometime in the late 2020s or early 2021s. We will let you know if there are any further details announced.
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