Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date, Cast and All the Information

Japanese animated series ‘Log Horizon’ is finally set to release in 2020. After a long four years of wait, fans are getting their favorite show back. This is such a piece of exciting news in this bad time, all the Log Horizon lovers will be overwhelmed.

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When Is It Going to Release, Any Release Date?

The first season was released in 2014, season 02 in 2015, but the third season took years. The delay is because of Mamare Touno, author of the light books, he was house arrested for charge evasion. However, all the problems are cleared now and everything is ready for another season.

They declared that season 03 is releasing this year in October. There is no particular date given. We still have to wait for it.

What Will Be the Story of Log Horizon Season 3?

Well, everybody who watched the series already would know what it is about and where it came from. Let’s once again recall it.

Log Horizon is adapted from the Japanese manga series written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. Anime version is directed by Shinji Ishihira. The upcoming season is named after the 12th volume of manga series that is ‘Log Horizon: Fall of the Round Table’.

The story of gamers who trapped in the latest version of a popular game called Elder Tale will be continued in this season.

Woahh!! what a relief for fans, now be clam and just wait for October and date. Your favorite series will pick up from where it has ended.

Now, Again What Are You Thinking For??

Oh, Yeah!! the Voices, the Cast, Yes, I’m Coming to That Point

The voices you loved in the previous seasons will give you a chance to love them again. Yes, all the former voices will return.

The Details Are Below:

Shiroe by Mike Yager/ Takuma Terashima

Naotsugu by Andrew Love/ Tomoaki Maeno

Akatsuki by Jad Saxton/Emiri Kato

Nyanta by Jovan Jackson/Joji Nakata

Marielle by Maggie

Flecknoe/ Yumi Hara

Henrietta by Shelly Calene-Black/Ayahi Takagaki

And Other Characters Also Having Their Previous Voices.

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