Log Horizon Season 3 Have Chances To Come In October 2020

Log Horizon is all set for its season 03, really is it true??
Before knowing about it, lets first see the origin of Log Horizon.

A brief explanation about Log Horizon

It was a Japanese anime produced by Satelight Studios and directed by Shinji Ishihara. Based on the Sci-fi novels written by Mamare Touno, the story has extracted and developed as a web series.

The series aired between 2013 to 2015 with a huge fan background. Before the novel was adapted into a web series, it is selected for manga series. There are 4 manga series released; the first one depends on the novel, where the rest of all depends on the characters.

Later, two seasons of web series were released, being one of the well-developed anime series in Japan.

Updates on Log Horizon season 03:

Season 03 has renewed, and it is announced that is will air in October 2020.

wow!! It will be really happy news for the fans in this bad time.

Answer for the above question:

For all the people who are searching for the answer

here, it is

our wait has reached its end. It’s now official.

Log Horizon is coming back in 2020.

The plot of season 03:

This is about the adventures of a young man called Shiroe in a virtual world, following the story of the novel. How a socially awkward student turns like a champion, who saves every other student who caught up in the world of Elder Tale.

Season 03 is named as Log Horizon: Destruction of Round Table. It is named after the title of the 12th web Novel.

It seems like the total Plot deals with the story of that 12th web novel.

Voices behind the characters:

The below List is English dub voices of Log Horizon.

  • Mike Yager as Shiroe
  • Andrew Love as Naotsugu
  • Jad Saxton as Akatsuki
  • Maggie Flecknoe as Marielle
  • Shelley Calene-Black as Henrietta
  • Jovan Jackson as Nyanta
  • Hilary Haag as Serara
  • Houston Hayes as Shoryu
  • Ty Mahany as Smash
  • Greg Ayres as Tohya
  • Luci Christian as Minori and many more


Anyway, we will let you know if there are any new updates about season 03.

until then, its been many years of Log Horizon, right?

And these are quarantine days, so spend time on rewatching the previous series with your friends, siblings, kids, anyone, and remember those past days.

Happy watching!!

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