Is There Any Update For “The 100 Season 8” Then What Will Be The Release Date, Cast And Storyline

‘THE 100’ is a science fiction drama created by Janson Rothenberg. It is based on a novel written by Kass Morgan. The first series of the novel is published in the year 2013, after it was made into a movie and released on March 19 2014.

The first season got a hugely successful response from the viewers, so they started another season soon after the release of the second book by Kass Morgan.

And there are now 6 seasons with more than 10 episodes each, one of the most binged TV shows. These series initially started on ‘The CW’ and now available on Netflix also.

Season 7 is all set to premiere on May 20, 2020.

The changes in the new season:

There are no changes in the show except the story. Janson Rothenberg is the director and the actors we know already.

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins

Bob Morley, Jasper Jordan, and many more actors are coming back with their respective roles.

And yeah, the production packed up, which means all the work related to the show has completed and waiting to come out!!!

The 100 Season 08:

The Director, The Cast, plot, actors, editors, the production team no one is ready to make the 8th season. Because there is no 8th season.


This is awful news to all of us there will be no season 08, and it had confirmed by the director in a twitter post so keep your hopes down about it and season 7, no doubt it’s going to take us high.

They said season 7 explains everything and ens with a conclusion. It consists of 16 episodes, from season one to seven the total no of episodes are 100.

They said very excitedly that ‘THE 100’ is going to end with 100 episodes, perfect, right??

Anyway, now we all know ‘The 100’ will ends in 2020 only, so don’t miss it and set your reminders.

I’m sure that it’ll take a little part of our hearts. Wait for the day!!!

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