Is Selena Gomez Talking About Justin Bieber in Her New Song ‘Boyfriend’?

‘Boyfriend’ Is a New Song Released on 9 April 2020 as a Part of Her Second Solo Album ‘Rare Deluxe’.

Along with ‘Boyfriend’, ‘She’ and ‘Souvenir’ were also released on the same day.

Among those three, Boyfriend made fans go crazy(including me).
Selena mentioned many times how excited she was to release Boyfriend.
In the Fallon show, she said, of all the songs she can’t wait to let people listen to Boyfriend.
Finally, it was out and she posted many clips related to that in her Instagram.
She also posted a video of ‘behind the scenes’ of Boyfriend.

Now, Coming to the Lyrics of Boyfriend.

There are many rumours created from the lyrics of the song.
Fans are totally involved in decoding the lyrics with a former song Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
Dragging their past relationship, fans assumed that the lyrics seem like a call to her ex-boyfriend.

No, Boyfriend Is Not a Love Call to Justin Bieber.

Though the lyrics of Selena Gomez’s song Boyfriend syncs with Justin. She has no intention of calling him back.
That was just a coincidence, she just wrote that like any other, advising people to be happy on their own.
As a fan of Selena, I and we could understand what she has gone through these many years and her experiences made her write those lines.
If you are able to see the actual message she wanna give at the end, you won’t say the song is a call.

She is pretty much happy with herself and learned to love herself back. Yess…she wants a boyfriend, who on the earth doesn’t want??

But it’s just a want, not a need.

Selena wrote below the post on Instagram that there is a difference between want and need. Some nights she just wants more than her.

That’s says everything, she doesn’t need anyone to make her happy. This changeover of Selena Gomez makes me love her much more.

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