Is It True Megan Fox Is Dating Machine Gun Kelly

Now, most of the concentration shifted to the new rumor ‘Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are seeing each other,’ it became a hot topic in Hollywood.

But, is it true that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly dating?

Well, let’s discuss some points we know about them, and we will get some answers at the end.
So, the first point that strengthens this rumor is the split up.
Megan Fox and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green were divorced after their ten years of relationship.
So, Megan seeing Colson(Richard Colson Baker is also known as Machine Gun Kelly) is no mistake and may have a chance to happen.
Megan and her ex-husband relationship:

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green divorced because of their new differences; they had three kids together. And they were on an agreement, to keep their children happy, Megan and Austin will meet as usual for their family holiday and their family things for the sake of their children.
Though they separated, they were on a decent path while coming to children.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox relationship:

They both met in a film set, and they are indeed working together. And that is when they found each other close. They liked hanging out together after work. Megan and Machine Gun Kelly spotted at many places together, and this made many people think that they are a thing.
None of them explained it, but Austin did. In a podcast, Austin said that Megan told him about Machine Gun Kelly.
He never met him, but Megan, who met him in a film set, liked being with him. Megan shared this with her ex-husband that she wants to hang out with this rapper. From what she said, Austin declared that they are friends, and Machine Gun Kelly was a cool guy.

Rumors sometimes turn out to be accurate, but in case if Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, they need more time, it seems. But for now, we can say that they were friends, very close friends. And we couldn’t assume how far their relationship goes.

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