Increasing Netflix Subscriptions: Netflix Helping Public to Stay at Home During Quarantine

The Rate of Netflix Subscriptions Reaching Heights…

The count of subscriptions increasing day by day like never before.
We could say this as one of the effects of Coronavirus.

Another Side of Effects Due to Coronavirus:

Due to the spread of coronavirus, the government declared to practice social distancing. International and national transport banned until this pandemic ends. People confined to their homes with families and friends.

In this is leisure time, everyone is searching for entertainment. Because we can’t stay in one place for so long time without work or some fun.

Work from home policies are implemented and some employees are merging their brains in their tasks. But most of the people like students, kids, travellers, actors, and some of that kind were stuck with no work to do.

So for the sake of entertainment, many people chose Netflix.

Everyone who procrastinated the subscription of Netflix in the past, craving for it now.
And in addition to that, Netflix has released many new web series, movies and new seasons of existed series, shows, animes, cartoons,..what not, everything which entertains.

Impact of New Shows:

As mentioned above new series like Money heist season 4, Tiger king and many other series were released in these times of social distancing.

People started binge-watching many shows on Netflix like never before.
Controlling kids is very difficult in these times, animes and cartoons in Netflix helping parents to some extent.

Thus, Netflix became very essential these days.

Netflix Reduced Its Streaming Quality:

There are some issues with the network. See, many people around the globe are connected through internet and working from homes via internet. There is a massive increase in usage of internet so, the government asked Netflix to reduce the streaming quality a bit. To manage the heavy network traffic due to high usage, Netflix took some measures. These allow people to stream more without facing any problems.

Many employees were working from home to avoid traffic problems on binging internet.

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