Hunters Season 2: Wait for It’s Release Date, Plot, Cast and Expectations

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Hunters Season 01 with 10 episodes released on 21, February 2020. The first season has received appreciation from the audience. People couldn’t resist themselves in their wait for another season.

Renewal of Hunters Season 2

‘Hunters’ was not renewed for the second season yet. That doesn’t mean that there’s no another season. The news of its renewal is neither announced by Amazon prime studios nor its creator David Weil.

If Hunters Season 2 Happened, What Will Be Its Story

Hunters Season 02 obviously picks up where it has ended in season 01.
The final episodes left us in the maze, not one but many questions raised and season 02 can only answer us.

Why is Joe kidnapped by The Colonel?
How did she survive when fallen into a water body?
She called a man with the name ‘Adolf’ and to our surprise, he looked like a known person. Throughout the season, there is no introduction about him and appears in the final episode with just a call.

Although his face was not revealed completely, viewers recognized him as Hitler, the man behind the world war 2.

He calls the colonel as Eva. The name of Hitler’s wife is Eva Braun, which means that Hitler and the colonel…you know!!

Also, the four boys who are sitting at the dining table may be the kids of Hitler and the colonel.

Sister Harriet talking with someone on the phone who is assumed to be with the colonel. The episode left us in doubt of her involvement with the colonel. The only way to know the secret of Harriet is season 02.

Story of Other Characters Which Are Expected in Hunters Season 2:

We see Travis Leich prisoned in the final episode, he kills his lawyer in the jail in front of other prisoners just to showcase his power. That was his way of recruiting people in his team, he wants to continue the Fourth Reich plan.

So in season 02, we will see Travis’s plan to escape and execution of Fourth Reich.
We can expect Morris will go against Travis as she is in the USA.
On the other side, we will see Nazi hunters heading to Europe to kill Nazi men by the information from Harriet.

And there are chances to create new villains and new hunters in the next season as it is a fictional story based on true events and characters. Anything can happen, so people get ready for another journey.

Release Date: Hunters Season 2

There are no official reports about the dates of release as it has not yet renewed.

Any news about the Hunters will be updated here.

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