Hotstar Special OPS Season 2 Release Date Is Set to Come All We Got Some Updates

Special OPS is an Indian series created for Hotstar by Neeraj Pandey. Season 01 was already released on Hotstar with 8 episodes and received good ratings and positive reviews.

And now people are asking for season 02 information. It’s obvious that after an intriguing and thrilling season, people will look for another season. But in this case, it is uncertain and unpredictable.

Anyhow, We Brought You Some Details Regarding the Future of the Show.

According to our survey, neither the creators nor Hotstar announced anything about its continuation. And after going much deeper, we got to know that the series was not yet renewed for another season.

That is why it became difficult to get the details. The decision is still pending after the proposal for the second season by all the fans. The creators thought it seems. Anyway, we have to wait for their declaration.

Trailer and Release Date :

There is no trailer as it has not started production because it was not renewed yet. The same goes for the release date also. We can’t give you details until they released officially. However, we estimate the release of season 02 would be in 2021 if they renewed sooner or later this year.

What Could Be the Plot:

Season 01 deals with terrorist attacks and here our officers with Himmat Singh search for the mastermind behind the attacks. And season 02 may also follow this kind of investigation and research. Let’s wait for the word of Hotstar to know the exact news.

And don’t forget to check back on us. We are gonna update you about the future of the show as soon as it was out.

Stay tuned!!

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