Here Is the Reason Why Thanos Works as a Villain

Thanos, worlds biggest well-known fictional villain.

He is a character created by writer-artist Jim Starlin. Thanos is the most powerful villain in the history of MCU. Appeared in many comic stories.

Why Thanos Works as Villan:

There are many theories about why Thanos worked as a Villian.
He himself supposed him as a mastermind. In the name of that, he committed many crimes. He is not only a villain for Avengers. He clashed with many heroes like Fantastic four, and the x-men also guardians of Galaxy.

He created a massive loss to the universe including Earth. He came up with illogical ideologies. He considered him as the saviour of the universe, by doing so he made a plan. A plan which we all familiar about.

Thanos Plan Which Made Him a Villain:

Killing half of the population would clear all the problems in the world. He implemented his plan in many planets, also in Earth.

We can see his way of destruction in the infinity war. He killed half of the people in Gamora’s planet.

He wanted to clear all the problems by one Snap. Started collecting infinity stones, also killed Gamora in the process to get a soul stone. He earned all the stones and snapped, half of the universe vanished.
No one was able to stop him, even the avengers. Thanos just left everyone with no choice, he left the universe in pain. And all he believes is he stopped the universe from struggling.

The Stupidity of Thanos:

He stupidly believes the only solution to save the world is clearing half population. The good thing in him is he recognized the problems in different planets and really thinks of solving them, but the way he selected was totally a big big mistake. He tries repeats that mistake again in Endgame, coming back from past and trying to vanish the entire world with a snap again. But he fails this time with our IronMan.

Thanos became a dangerous and most hated Villain in the entire history of Comics.

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