God of War 5 Release Date, Update, Story and All Details We Know so Far

God of War 5 is an upcoming video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is first released in 2005 and 4 versions released. All the 4 versions acclaimed highly and now people are asking for 5th one.

Here are all the updates you need to know regarding the upcoming version

God of War, Mini Introduction:

It is created by David Jaffe, released its first version in 2005 for PS 2 and the following versions were made available on PS3, PS4. The new game in the franchise is assumed to be available for PS5. But the creators haven’t announced anything about it. The game is being developed at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios.

God of War 5 is still on progress and the creators are working to give the best version among all the old ones. Fans are with high expectations on the new highly updated upcoming game.

God of War 5: When Is It Releasing Then??

Well, that is what we are looking for. Neither the creators nor the Sony studios released about its release. The decision is pending as the game is still under development.

we only got a teaser trailer confirming God of War 5. But that trailer has no more details. Also, it is difficult for us to predict the release date of a game without knowing the exact details. Recently, David teased about the confirmation of the game on social media but didn’t tell anything about the release.

So fans, all you have to do is wait, just wait for the announcements by officials of the game.

God of War, Story:

All the players were familiar with the story. The story of war, which made adrenaline rush in your bodies while playing. The same story continues in the new version also, the same characters will be returned. A teaser trailer is released already in 2019, many of you may already know about it. If you don’t we will add the link below go check it on your own and experience it.


In the trailer, we saw a text stating ‘time to kill Kratos’. That text almost broken hearts of gamers for a second and still they are asking about him, but we didn’t think they will kill him as he is the main character of the game.

Even though there are aspects explaining his death, in the end he should be alive, at least for the sake of fans and for the reputation of the game. So, don’t worry fans, he will be alive.

Gameplay and Weapon Info:

We didn’t get about them either. But as the game is developing in a highly updated version we can imagine it will totally change the history. Highly upgraded weapons may be available this time. Anyway, let’s all wait for their confirmation.

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