Goblin Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More, Everything You Need to Know!

Korean dramas, they have their own style.
They are being popular not only in Korea but also in some other countries too.
Their essence of love is different, that attracts viewers, we can feel those vibes.

‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ which is otherwise called Goblin. This is such a drama that looted many hearts and was a massive hit in South Korea.
This drama has completed airing in early 2017s. After these many years, why are people asking for another season?
This is a generation, in which every single day, there is a new release. In these type of days, fans seriously remembered a drama which released back in 2017.
How can it be possible??
That is what we’re talking about from the beginning, these Korean dramas were full of magic and that magic never gets over from the hearts of the audience.
‘Goblin’ is the fifth-highest rated drama in the history of Korea web television.

Let’s recall the story

Kim Shin is cursed to stay immortal forever by almighty as a punishment to his kills in the war to protect his country. He becomes immortal goblin and lives life helping people and behaving kind. The only end to the curse is goblins
bride. Ji Eun-Tak, a high school student meets him as their destiny in a knot.
Kim Shin finds that she is the one who can break his curse.
In another hand Yoo Deok-Hwa, nephew of Kim Shin and Sunny, a chicken shop owner where Ji Eun-Tak works part-time.
When these four people meet, they discover that they didn’t meet by chance and had a deep reason behind it. They were people with intense connections.

And those connections, their past took us to a rollercoaster ride.
That is why people are asking for the second season. It’s totally fair to expect another season of this amazing drama.

Will the wishes of people turns out Real?
Will there be another season?

Well, there will be no season 02 of Goblin for now as there is no news from the creators. But the lead actor said they are not coming back. However, the creators didn’t say anything, so there are chances of making another season.

If there are any, we will update you.
Stay connected.

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