Ghost Exercising in Jhansi Park a Video Share by Aakash Chopra in His Instagram Post

Oh my god!! Have you seen Akash Chopra’s post guys?? Are you wondering which Akash Chopra I’m talking about? Akash Chopra, an Indian cricket commentator, and retired cricketer. Now you get him, yes you recognized it seems. Two hours ago he posted a video that scared people in UP. Within 2 hours and some minutes, there are hundreds of comments flooded. People just commented on what are they thinking about it.

Oh yeah! I didn’t tell what’s there in that video. I’m sure you will be terrified after knowing that or maybe simply you will start thinking scientifically all of a sudden. Don’t worry it’s just common. People will have different perspectives on things happening. They will have their reasons and reactions right. And again I forgot to tell you the thing that happened there in UP.

Someone Is Exercising in a Park, Who Is That?

Someone is seriously exercising in a park when it’s dark around. Sources said that its Jhansi Park in UP. And now no matter where that place is. What the hell going on in there is the question.

Police recorded that video that came creeping via what’s app. Yes, we know exercising in the dark time and in a place where there is hardly anyone who is not that creepy to be scared. But it will be okay if there is a person. Yes, that’s not a person nor any other living being. There’s no one. The machine is just moving by itself as if someone is trying hard to be fit.

Ghost in the Park at Up:

Ghost!!! Now you are frightening, right? But is it a ghost? We don’t know it. There no white-colored fog thing. It’s nothing but plain. Like no one appeared yet the machine is moving. People can’t decide what exactly happened there. It came to the public when Akash Chopra posted on Instagram. He wrote “Apparently this happened somewhere in UP. Received via WA.who is exercising?”. No one really knows. However, the comments popped up some commented funnily, some terrified as me, some stated reasons. Anyway, it’s just a mystery until someone finds the exact reasons.

If you haven’t seen the video there is a link below.

Scroll through the comments to laugh and to be scared at a time.

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