Duncan Lacroix Shares His Experience About New Episode of Outlander Season 5

The historical drama television series ‘Outlander’ is developed by Ronald D. Moore, based on a novel series with the same name by Diana Gabaldon.

Out Lander Season 05:

It is premiered on 16 February 2020 and releasing episodes on Starz. The last episode had given a big unexpected shock to all the fans. No one was ready to face it, but it had happened. A character called Murtagh that died decades ago in the book is now killed in the series.

As these series are based on a novel, everyone who had an idea of a novel can expect his death but who are watching freshly can’t come out of this shock. He dies in q pre-revolutionary war battle.

Murtagh is almost everyone’s favorite character from the series. No one had ever thought of his death, even the people who know about the novel.
Because in the novel, the character dies early, but in series, they extended it.
May be to create this shock in both the fans who know about the novel and didn’t know about it.

The Reaction of Duncan Lacroix:

Duncan Lacroix is the person who played the role of Murtagh in the series.
He said that he was also shocked about this.
He also knows about death since the start of the season. But it kinda shocked him to quit the show.

And that’s it, we can’t change what had happened already so, let’s watch what will happen next.

Stay Tuned for More Updates.

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