Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 release date and expected spoilers information

Know here about the information of Dragon Ball Super latest chapter 60:

Dragon Ball Super chapter 60 is a part of a Japanese manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It is released on 20 May by “V Jump” magazine. All the chapters of this magazine dealt with different journies of saving earth and galaxies from evil.
We now brought you some information about the story in chapter 60, little spoilers which give you a brief idea on this new chapter.

Let’s know who is evil in Chapter 60:

After clearing all the troubles in chapter 59 by Goku and Vegeta, they thought everything was fine but no!. A new villain, a powerful wizard free himself by gaining powerful magic and was escaped from Galactic Patrol Prison, he is now ready to fight with our heroes.
Moro is his name, as he was in prison he felt his power going weak so he made a team for himself with all the prisoners.

How Moro will be defeated?

While on earth Goku and Vegeta involved in training to defeat the most powerful evil villain Moro.
Merus trains Goku with some strategies against Moro, after a long fight Goku becomes weak and loses his energy slowly and Moro absorbs it. Later comes Vegeta who founds another way to defeat Moro. Vegeta comes with a new technique ‘Instant Transmission Technique’. And another side Merus loses his hope, watching Goku’s power reducing. While Goku is powering up again, Android 17 and 18 are holding Moro to extend the time so that Goku will be ready again.
However, Vegeta arrives with his new powers and techniques, they both again start to fight Moro. Still, they couldn’t able to reach success. They need more power and new strategies.
At last, Goku defeats Moro for sure. But how? It is the question and to learn how we must have to go through the magazine.

Dragon Ball Chapter 60 was out already and the things we explained you above will excite you to read it we think. So what are still waiting for, go check for the whole magazine?

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