Doom 64: The Classic 1997 Game Remastered Finally for All the Modern Platforms

This classic 1997 first-person shooter game had now remastered for modern platforms. NightDive studios and Midway Games are the developers of the game.

A port has released in March 2020 for different platforms, they are, windows, Nintendo switch, playstation4, Xbox one.

Let’s Know More About the Game: Doom 64

The game released in 1997 as a sequel to Doom 2 which is released in 1994. Now, it is back with the name ‘Doom: Eternal’.

Doom 64: How to Play the Game?

There are 32 levels in the game where players have to reach the end by killing the demons and monsters in the way. Monsters and demons attacks and kills the players in the process, players have to be alert and kill them before they kill the players.

They could enter to another level by collecting keys and weapons midway.

Doom 64: What’s New in the Remastered Game?

The new version has modern graphics with more clarity in the maps so that the players won’t lose their way. Also with the same gameplay, more puzzles and new levels are added to the new version.

We could also see newly designed demons and monsters in the modernised version.

So Why Waiting, Go Download It and Experience the New Monster and Demon World.

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