Conkarah Banana Song Feat Shaggy Is the New Trend Going Viral on Tiktok

TikTokers now grooving their bodies to a new song called Banana by Island pop star Conkarah and Jamaican and Grammy award winner shaggy. This song was released in August 2019 and was a hit of course.

Since August 2019, This Reggae Song Has Many Remixes and of All Those Times It Is More Popular and Trending Now, Right Now!!

Look outside you will see TikTokers dancing for this song, ohh!! there, on the terrace, at the stairs, Oh my god! in the bedroom, everywhere everyone moving their hands, legs crazily dancing for this song!!

From a few days, this song is on the top trending list of TikTok. 8 in 10 videos on TikTok are only on this song. Some are performing solo and some with all the family members and some with their friends. Each showing their styles and going insane. In the time like this, quarantine time, people are restricted to their homes and having nothing to do creatively, people preferred TikToks. There is a rate of increase of videos on TikTok than usual. Many new trends were created these days. And most of the people are actively participating.

A YouTube Video Link of Conkarah Banana Feat Shaggy Tiktok Videos as Mentioned Below. Watch It, You Feel Fun for a While, Also You May End up Doing It on Your Own!!

The video is made as a DROP CHALLENGE in Tiktok with hashtags like #Conkarah, #shaggy, #banana, #dropchallenge, #trending, #mystyle, #inmyownstyle. So now, I assume you will definitely open your TikTok to accept this challenge and show them your style. Alright, don’t wait then, go nail it!!!

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