Chinese Products in Dustbin Many People Are Following

China is the accused country for the current terrifying pandemic coronavirus aka COVID-19. Even though China covered by saying that the virus came from a bat and some animals, they failed to prove it. And the investigations revealed that the virus is actually released from a lab at Wuhan, China.

There are a number of countries suffering through this pandemic created by Chinese. The works Chinese done while they were facing the virus are suspectable. They did a lot in a short span of time which seemed like they were already prepared to face. However, the investigation is pending or may be manipulated. While India and other countries are suffering and surviving with coronavirus without proper medicines and vaccines. China created another problem.

In addition to Coronavirus China created another attack at Galwan Valley, Ladakh, India:

China attacked the Indian army at Galwan Valley. They pre-planned everything before the attack. 20 Indian soldiers were dead, some are injured. The war lasted for two days. India lost some of the best army soldiers. China’s government accused us by saying our army troops crossed borders first to attack which has no point. It is China which was prepared with weapons to start a war with our country.

China products in Dustbin:

After knowing facts about China betraying India(and many other countries), people are mad at China. If we calculate India is the first country that is highly dependent on Chinese products. People realized the fact that all they using are Chinese products. A country which is the reason for coronavirus, and recent attacks. It took many lives of our Indians.

People decided to reject Chinese products, to throw them away in dustbins. There are many memes on social media asking people to leave Chinese products. Almost everywhere apart from social media, people who learned about Chinese betrayal and attack were so furious to stop spending on Chinese things.

Now coming to reality 3 or 4 out of 10 will do what they say. They will really avoid Chinese products, throw them away as they said in dustbins. But the remaining couldn’t do because they are so much addicted to those products. You know, lately, MI company released new mobiles and laptops in the market. MI is a Chinese company as you know. People are so excited to get them, it became fancy buying those products. And another main fault is India having no new and updated products in the market. Indian mobile and gadget companies are just walking while other countries like China majorly are flying in here.

We just couldn’t do anything to avoid the problem completely. Abolishing Chinese products remained a fantasy for years now. Every year there is a period when people raise their voices against using china products. And later they will simply go with the flow.
But the question is, the words like “Chinese products in the dustbin” the people really mean them? Or it’s just like every year?

Before any decision people remember that the situations present are not like every year. We were attacked not once but twice this time. First the virus and next to the Galwan Valley attack.

So make up your minds to throw away China. The long we depend on their products, the more chances we are giving to them.

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