Check out the Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online During Lockdown

This is a really hard time for parents to manage children 24/7. Children always want something new, else they will be bored and they finally end up eating our brains. Apart from all the activities, there is an anti boring activity which entertains your kids for a long time, it’s a cartoon.

They will completely involve in cartoon shows. So that you can take rest for a while. So we are here to help you pick some web sites to watch cartoons online.

1. Youtube

The most popular website not only for cartoons, for any other shows.
You can find many videos in different languages but we can’t say you will find anything you want.

If you have no idea on which cartoon to select, youtube will help you select. Just search cartoons for kids, it will give you what all it has.

2. Netflix

Netflix is like an ocean of cartoons for kids. It will have HD quality shows which attract your kids. You can find newly released cartoon shows. But you need to have a membership.

3. Amazon prime

Amazon prime also needs membership to watch. Many cartoon shows were available on this site. Just search for your favourite.

4. Cartoon Network

Who doesn’t know about Cartoon Network, almost every elder once grew up watching CN, its time for you to search best cartoon shows for your kids. So why can’t it be on Cartoon Network?

Go Watch Ben10, Roll No 21, Powerpuff Girls, and Tom and Jerry Too.

5. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon will provide some shows which were running on the Tv channel. Though it won’t contain complete series you can find some of them. Maybe something you are searching is on this website, go check it out.

6. Hulu

It’s also like Netflix, must have a membership to watch shows in Hulu.
Many shows including cartoons are available in this app. Not only shows but also animated movies were also streaming in Hulu.

7. Disney Now

Disney, the land of cartoons and animations. You can find all your favourite and your kid favourite cartoons on this website.

So, parents go check them and let your children spend time with some magic.

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