Cells at Work Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot All We Know so Far

What is ‘Cells at Work’ about? What can we expect in Season 02?

Cells at work are the story takes play inside a human body where trillions of cells do their jobs. The show mainly follows two cells called a rookie red blood cell and a white blood cell. It shows how these cells work and how they help to keep up our body in a healthy state and the efforts of cells. Season 01 is mainly about those cells, then what is about season 02? Will they continue with the same cells or will they change this time? If changed what maybe those cells?. There are many questions from fans and still don’t have answers.

All the answers can be found in season 02 which is yet to be released. So let’s wait for it.

Cells at Work’, its origin:

It is directed by Hideyo Yamamoto and written by Hayashi Mori. First aired in June 2018 on Animax Asia( English Network). The series is an adaption of manga series written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. It is renewed for the second season and is under production.

When is it coming out? Release date:

Unfortunately, there is no release date announced yet. They said that the series is under production and somewhat a relief for fans. However, they announced the year of release. It’s 2021, they are planning to drop it out sometime in 2021.

Who is voicing the characters of the show? The Cast details:

Here are the voices of Cells, have a look at them

Red Blood Cell Voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)/Cherami Leigh (English)

White Blood Cell (U-1146), Voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)/ Billy Kameez (English)

Killer T Cell Voiced by Daisuke Ono (Japanese)/ Robbie Daymond (English)

Monocyte Voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)/ Laura Post (English)

Platelet Voiced by Maria Naganawa(Japanese)/Xanthe Huynh(English)

Helper T Cell Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai(Japanese)/Ray Chase (English)

Regulatory T Cell Voiced by Saori Hayami (Japanese)/ Erica Mendez (English)

Naive T Cell Voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese)/ Laura Stahl (English)

Effector T Cell Voiced by Kenji Nomura (Japanese)/ Chris Tergliaferra(English)

Eosinophil Voiced by M.A.O (Japanese)/ Kayli Mills(English)

Dendritic Cell Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)/ Griffin Burns(English)

Narrator Voiced by Mamiko Noto (Japanese)/ Karen Strassman (English)

We will update you if the team released the news officially.
Stay tuned guys!!

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