The eighth season of this series was supposed to be the season finale. But due to the unsatisfactory ending we all want Dexter Season 9. And maybe it is finally happening!

Dexter Season 9: Are We Getting Another Season?

Dexter Season 9

The eighth season of this series was aired in 2013 and it was supposed to be the last season of this crime series. But the season finale was not up to the mark and the ending was not satisfying. Therefore fans have been demanding for another season of the series.

And yes it is happening! We are getting another season of the series which is more like a spin-off! Although we cannot refer to it directly as Dexter Season 9 there is still no harm in doing so! After seven long years of wait, it has been officially announced that we are getting another season soon.

Dexter Season 9

The announcement was made by Showtime on October 14, 2020. It was revealed that Dexter Season 9 is coming soon. And it was mentioned that the production will start in early 2021 and it will consist of only 10 episodes. Although the release date has not been confirmed yet. But we can consider Dexter Season 9 to release somewhere by the end of 2021 or maybe early 2022.

Dexter Season 9: What Will It Have In Store For Us?

We know that this series revolves around Dexter Morgan who is a serial killer. He had a violent childhood that traumatized him and he was adopted by a police officer.

On noticing his murderous tendencies his foster father drove him to kill criminals instead of innocents. We saw how Dexter becomes a forensic expert. In the previous seasons, we saw Dexter’s struggles with his inner self where he tries hard to let go of his killer tendencies but he is unable to.

Dexter Season 9

In the last season, we saw how Dexter adopted a new identity after murdering his own sister. And this did not go really well with the viewers. Therefore in Dexter Season 9, we can expect to see more of Dexter struggling to get along his new identity.

Apart from that we also know that Dexter Season 9 will probably be the last season of the series. Therefore we expect that it will have a better ending and we will get to see what happens to Dexter in the end. Needless to say, Dexter Season 9 will surely provide us with the answers to the questions we were left with after the eighth season.

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