Animal Crossing Why You Should Play This Game in Quarantine ??

Animal Crossing is a video game with the genre, social simulation. It was published by Nintendo and created by Katsuya Eguchi.

The latest version Animal crossing: New Horizons is released on 20 March 2020. This will be like a feast for fans in these quarantine days.

Want to Know Why? First, Know the Gameplay:

This is a social simulation game in which the player represents the role of a child with an age between 9-13.

The child may be a girl or a boy; it depends on the player. The players should enter their names and details. This can be played both offline and online. The player is allowed to a rural village populated with anthropomorphic animals.

There are no definite objectives; they have to live in the village with the animals. Players get their own place in the village. They also provided with a home which they can change according to their wish. They can decorate, furnish, and even expand their home. But to do so, players have to participate in activities like collecting items, planting, and socializing with villagers.

A single village can hold up to 4 players at a time though only one player can explore the village at a given time.

The players can talk to each other via messages through the village post office or bulletin phone.

Why Is the Best Game in the Quarantine?

We are not allowed to go outside and roam; we can’t go shopping. We can’t hang out until all these coronavirus things go out of the world. So what could we do sitting at home, having no works?

For people who wanna explore and wanna go shopping, this game helps them in at least possible better ways. We can roam in a rural village ad experience things by just sitting in our home and connecting the internet.

As it has an availability of connecting different players, we can also hang out with our friends via messages.

We can decorate home in the village with different styles available in the game. Planting, collecting items, every activity we do in the game entertains us and makes us play more and more.

We get involved in the game without knowing any senses, we never get bored as it was an open-ended game.

That Is Why It Is the Best Game to Play in the Time of Quarantine.

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