Android 11 Beta Features to Arrive Soon and Know About What New Specifications User’s Will See

Google released a new Android 11 beta recently to all the pixel users. Okay! It’s only good news for pixel users. But they are planning to make it available for other users also, we will get about it soon.

For now, let’s just know about the features which Android 11 beta brought.

Know more about Android 11 Beta: 

Well, Android 11 beta actually didn’t bring any new crazy features, but it modified the existing ones to a better extent. Though they were not soo great, they were some we like to have.

Android 11 beta mainly tried to change features like privacy, conversations, chat bubbles, media management. In three names we can say like 1. Privacy 2. People and 3. Control.

Features of Android 11 beta:

As we mentioned above, the features are updated. Now, users will get a bubble that opens a chat of a particular person like it is on Facebook messenger. Shortcuts are introduced. Users can prioritize their chats. There is a setting which will remind you of chats of important and special people. So that Android 11 beta can ensure that you will not miss important messages.

Next up is privacy settings. These updates keep the things of users confidentially. Like while using this app, if you access your devices cam or microphone or location. It will allow you for once. And the next time the permission box will be popped up. You should allow it again to access another time.

Another privacy setting includes permissions auto-reset. This feature resets your app if it is not used for a long time and notifies you. Then you have to log in and put all the settings again.

Also, there are chances of changing controls. Users will get fast and easy access. Media also can be controlled by privacy settings as we discussed above.

And another feature is voice command. This is for people who depended on Google Assistant. The voice access is very useful to understand the content.

Now, as we said, only pixel users could able to use this new Android 11 beta. Some of the devices are Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4. Android beta 11 will also be available for other devices. But the date and details are yet to come out.

That’s all about the features of Android 11 beta. We will notify you if there are more in the future. Stay connected.

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