Alia Bhatt Loses 800k Instagram Followers Because of Nepotism

After Sushant left the world forever, people are completely disturbed. No one would expect what Sushant gave us at least in their dreams but you know it happened. He is a real star among all the selfish Bollywood stars, he couldn’t stand their discrimination so he decided to leave. And forever gone.

After his demise, everyone searched for a reason why he did so. But my friends, the reason is always there in front of us even before his death. But we are so blind that we never recognized it.

Many actors who aren’t from a background or who didn’t have a so-called godfather in the industry are being screwed every time. And this was not highlighted because the ones involved are the richest and big background people in the whole industry. Though there was news about their nepotism things were leaked out, those people always shut them down with their power. It is the most active issue which was just under the control of power.

People never took this seriously because they never expected what had happened a few days back. They never expected death.

And now, we all left heartbroken. Having nothing to do for Sushant people got mad. In search of justice, some social media pages found that there are some big celebrities who humiliated Sushant and never accepted him. Those celebrities were the reason behind the depression of Sushant and his final decision.

So fans of Sushant and people who’re devastated by the reason of his death started a new trend on social media. They started to unfollow certain celebrities who were known as kings and queens of nepotism in Bollywood. They mainly targeted Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt and next Sonam Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. They are star kids who just cane to the industry by support. And how dare they insult self-made stars. That is what ignited people, so they started unfollowing and blaming them.

In this aspect, Alia Bhatt lost 800+k followers and will still lose more. Present her follower’s number decreased to 47.8M from 48.9M.

Not only Alia Bhatt’s, Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and some others who are blamed for nepotism also lost their followers. However, who knows what happens by just unfollowing them, to bring a change we should do more than just unfollowing.

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