Adele Weight Loss Journey Is Still in a Trends as She Loses 22 Kilos

After Adele’s divorce issue it is her 22 kgs weight loss achievement that’s going viral on social media. The popular singer Adele created another wonder with her transformation within only a few years without any risk.
Her journey is trending. Everyone wants to know what she did. Is that magic?
Lol! No.

Let’s check her journey here, how she managed her lifestyle to fit into the figure she wished.

The Main Role Played by Her Trainer:

Pete Geracimo, Adele’s personal trainer put on all his efforts to help her. Adele under his schedule did everything she has to. From daily workouts to diet, Geracimo planned everything. Adele followed a strict diet called Sirtfood diet which only includes food which is rich in a protein called Sirtuin. Along with diet, she maintained a daily exercise routine by following her trainer. Also by having proper sleep. She strictly followed everything in the day and also night by sleeping for 7 to 8 hours. Her trained supported by introducing interesting ways to lose weight.

Sirtfood Diet Deals With:

Sirtfood diet became popular in 2016 when pharmacist Aidan Goggins released a book with the same name. The book explains about losing weight by having a proper diet. Sirtuin protein helps one’s body to regulate metabolism, inflammation and all the processes inside which develops weight loss and ageing. According to the pharmacist, taking high protein food like blueberries, turmeric, green tea, black wheat and such other is very impactful to promote weight loss.

And the diet has different things to do like the first three days taking liquids rich in sirtuin and one sort of food item a day. And 4 to 7 days the meal and liquid meal could be doubled.

So, by following such rules and clearing different phases of diet Adele’s look changed.

Exercise and Sleep Also Played a Major Role:

Adele worked out every day in the acquaintance of her trainer. He instructed new moves and exercises so that the journey feels new and funny every day. Also, no matter how busy she was on the whole day with her kid and works, she gave time for undisturbed sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

And that’s how she lose 22 kilos and transformed her figure which amazed us all.

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